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Updated: Feb 22

Celebrating Black History Month with An Artistic Timeline of Black Love

In Black culture, the bond between Black couples is unbreakable! It's like the ultimate flex of strength and resilience that's been passed down through generations. It's what helps shape our identity and keep us shining like the stars we are. And we're not just talking about your average love story - this is some next level Black Love!

To celebrate this iconic bond, we got some of the hottest Black artists in the game to bring the history of Black Love to life. Davian Chester, Sabine Quetant, Halimah Smith, and Asaad Thorne used their creative genius to reimagine historical facts about Black Love into some jaw-dropping artwork.

Trust, this collection is straight fire! So don't miss out on this opportunity to soak up some Black Love history and peep some incredible artwork from dope Black artists across the country. Check it out below and let us know which piece is your fave in the comments!


TRADITIONAL MEETINGS: The roots of Black Love run deep, with traditional introductions and engagement practices keeping the fam involved. From 'Mo mi i mo e' (know me and let me know you) to 'Ikutu aka n’ulo' (knock on the door), these meetings were the initial intro between the bride in groom in many African marriage ceremonies.

LABOLA/AFRICAN DOWRY: 300 BC and we still got the love game on lock! Lobola/African Dowry, bringing families together and showing love through negotiation since way back. From cattle to cash, this tradition shows that Black Love is more than just a union between two individuals, but a bond between families. Let's keep the fire burning and show love in our own unique ways, Moaga tribe-style!

LOVE AND THE MIDDLE PASSAGE: From the Middle Passage to the present day, Black Love has always persevered . The trauma of separation during slavery may have disrupted potential relationships and families, but the strength and resilience of our ancestors lives on through us. Let's continue to uplift and honor the love stories of our past while creating new ones for our future.


JUMPING THE BROOM: Leaping into love like a boss! Jumping the broom has been a staple in Black weddings for centuries, tracing back to West Africa where a broom was waved over the couple to ward off evil and signify the start of their union. And let's not forget the age-old joke of who jumps the highest being the one calling the shots. Oop!

POST-SLAVERY LOVE: Our ancestors had to fight for their love during a time when society tried to criminalize it. But they stood strong and showed us the true meaning of #BlackLove. Despite the ignorance and oppression, they proved that love always prevails. Keep shining and spreading love, fam.

BLACK LOVE PREVAILS: Our ancestors def knew the power of love! In the late 1800s to early 1900s, Black Americans married at higher rates and earlier than their white counterparts, even during a time of adversity. The numbers don't lie! Let's keep these #BlackLove vibes flowing and growing!


BLACK LOVE AND ACTIVISM: Takin' it back to the Civil Rights Era, our ancestors showed us the true meaning of #BlackLove and activism. Power couples like Coretta and MLK, Betty and Malcolm X, and others were the driving force behind the movement. These queens supported, organized, and led the charge, proving that love and activism go hand in hand. Keep shining, y'all!

A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: When they said Black Love wasn't enough, our forefathers and mothers of the 70s and 80s showed 'em what's up. From The Color Purple to a world of artistic explorations, they paved the way for us to express our love, sexuality, and self in all its beautiful forms. Shoutout to Alice Walker and Toni Morrison for leading the charge. Representation matters!

BLACK LOVE IN POPULAR CULTURE: Back in the day when The Jeffersons were movin' on up, Family Matters was solving life's problems, and Martin had us saying "Yo Mama," we were also seeing Black love in all its glory on the small and big screens. From Love Jones to Boomerang, and everything in between, we were reminded that our love is strong, ever-evolving, and here to stay. And let's not forget about those iconic queer love scenes in Set It Off and The Color Purple.


CELEBRATING BLACK LOVE: In the early 2000s, we started poppin' bottles on Black Marriage Day (which is coming up March 23rd)! Celebrating the love, resilience, and beauty of our Black American relationships! Barack and Michelle giving us all the #BlackLoveGoals, and ain't no White House gonna hold us back (shoutout to the enslaved Black Americans who built that thang!). So, let's raise a glass to all the lovebirds out there killin' the game. But let's also ask ourselves, how can we continue to uplift and support Black love in all its forms?

BLACK LOVE IS BLACK LOVE: Ayyyyeeee, it's all love in the 2010s baby! When the Supreme Court said "I do" to marriage equality in 2015, they made it crystal clear: #BlackLove don't discriminate! From self-love to community-building, from monogamy to polyamory, we're defining what love looks like for US and on OUR terms! It's those #BlackLoveGoals that keep us pushing forward, and remember, ain't no limit to the love we deserve!

TODAY: We can't deny it, dating apps are here to stay! But let's face it, the struggle of swiping on dating apps while being Black is real. Over 324 million dating app users worldwide, but sometimes it feels like we're invisible on these platforms. But you know what they say, when one door closes, another one opens! And that's where we come in! Our community is all about bringing like-minded Black singles together, free from the stress and stereotypes of other dating apps. Let's make those swipes count! Do you believe in the power of online dating? Let's start a conversation in the comments!

From Aunt Viv’s lessons, to Uncle Phil’s mentorship, Bel-Air teaches us what it means to be in a loving and supportive Black relationship. And now, it's our turn to carry that torch and make our own love stories that exemplify Black Excellence. Are you ready to make history with your love and make the future of Black Love brighter than ever? Grab your boo and stream the new season of Bel-Air now on Peacock and let's keep striving for #BlackLove #RelationshipGoals #BlackExcellence #BelAirVibes #FutureOfBlackLove



  • Davian Chester's artistry offers a poignant portrayal of traditional African marriage customs, including the betrothal ceremony and the exchange of a bride price, symbolizing the bond between two families. Through his masterful works, Chester also highlights the devastating impact of the transatlantic slave trade on familial ties and the remarkable resilience of Black communities in forging new connections and support systems.

  • Asaad Thorne's art celebrates the symbolism of the "Jumping the Broom" tradition in Black weddings as a representation of unbreakable bonds between newlyweds, paying homage to African American cultural heritage. Through his visuals, Thorne showcases the resilience of Black couples and their strength in building and sustaining loving relationships in the face of systemic adversity.

  • Sabine Quetant’s powerful artwork celebrates the pivotal role of women in revolutionary movements and the transformative impact of groundbreaking works like The Color Purple and Beloved while also highlighting the cultural shifts that challenged stereotypes and expanded the understanding of Black love and relationships in popular media.

  • Halimah Smith's artwork depicts the many facets of present-day Black Love, from the celebration of Black Marriage Day and the embodiment of #BlackLoveGoals in President Barack and Michelle Obama to the landmark decision of Obergefell v. Hodges and the ever-evolving world of online dating. Through her art, she highlights the resilience, strength, and beauty of Black love and the challenges and progress in the ongoing quest for equality and inclusivity.


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