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After a terrible breakup and being single for a year and a nasty breakup of his own, two lonely and hopeless romantics decided to download BLK. This was after seeing many ads on IG, FB, and Snapchat.

I only had BLK for a couple of weeks and met Justin. We clicked so much during the first couple of conversations. We exchanged phone numbers and started to text day in and day out. After about two weeks we started having phone conversations that lasted all day from work to the store in the car and everything in between.

On February 22, 2019, we had our first date. He picked me up and was such a gentleman. Our connection and conversation were so strong the whole way to dinner that we missed every exit because we couldn't stop looking at each other and talking.

Let me just say we decided that was our official date now today we live together and have taken plenty of trips and plan for a great future such as building a home, better careers for each other, and trying to have children. We want marriage and everything life has to offer.

Who would’ve thought a Springfield girl and a Hartford boy would fall in complete and serious love from a dating app. Thank you so much, BLK ❤️

Get on BLK Today


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