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BLK is making it easier for you to make better matches!

Hey, fren!!! (sis or bruh sounded too forced lol)

Have you been wondering what’s really behind that smile and sexy beard you just spotted on BLK? Or that poppin' lip gloss on her photo filter? Is your new match just here for a good time or are they here for a long time type of thing? 🤔 All valid questions when getting into any kind of relationship.

Sometimes a cute smile and a go with the flow approach isn’t enough to make us swipe right. It takes more than a “hey big head” to really impress you, which is why we just added our new Profile Fields! 🙌🏿. You asked for it, and we delivert!

Now you can share more about yourself, and learn more about your matches to help you break the ice with a little more than a hey 👋🏾. Discover if they are searching for new friends or if they're looking for that Jay-Z and Beyonce kind of love. 🔥

Regardless of what your dating intentions are, our new Profile Fields are here to help makes things a bit easier for you! 💘 Check ‘em out now on your BLK profile settings, and let us know what you think in the comments! 📱


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