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Will you be ready to answer the phone???

Yaaassss! Outside is open again!!!

We know it’s been a long 15 months dealing with The Rona, and your dating game may have gotten a bit rusty. But don’t sweat it, you’re not the only one.

As you start planning your summer vacations, family reunions, and music festival tours - we want to make sure you’re safe out in those streets. And not just you, but also those around you.

That said, we are proud to announce that BLK has teamed up with the White House…. Yeah, you heard that right - #UncleJoe and VP Harris, to help end the COVID-19 pandemic by encouraging education and action in getting the vaccination within the Black community (🎶“Me and you… yo mama and yo cousins too...”🎶)

Did you know that 45% of BLK members want to know if a match is vaccinated for COVID-19? We listened. And we took action. Beginning in June, as a BLK member, you will have the option of adding a vaccination badge to your BLK profile to show your support of getting everyone vaccinated. Listen up “Rusty” (lol), you’ve already got enough to worry about on the first date, let’s not add vaccination status to that list!

AND, if you do decide to proudly display your badge and show others you are doing your part by helping us and the Biden Administration end this awful pandemic, we’ll also give you a free boost to make your profile more visible to your potential matches.

Trust. We get it. The hesitation of getting the vaccine within our community. But at the end of the day, seeking the right information will help you make the most informed decision. All you’ve got to do is take the first step. And we’re here to help. (well with the vaccination part of it all... your dating flex is all on you buddy! lol).

Proudly teaming up with the White House. Let’s get back to getting together!



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