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Fun ideas for you and your boo without breaking the bank

If you haven’t had a Netflix and Chill sesh yet, don't worry … it’s coming… BUT that is besides the point. Sometimes the flame behind the date night ideas can burn out or even be a little too stiff for the pockets. Don’t worry, BLK took all of those possibilities into consideration and tried to make it easier on you and your boo, so take notes...

Turn of the lights... and light a candle

Wax Making is not talked about enough! You will be surprised at the different smells, shapes and even sizes that you can make on your candle date! If you were not a candle person before… THIS will definitely change your mind!

You and me fit PERFECTLY

This may require a bit of patience (but we are sure that patience is something that we all need a little help with). Get you some snacks, put some music on in the background and get your couples puzzles vibe going! *Tip: As a keepsake, you can put clear tape over your puzzle, (like a diy lamination kit) and hang it up on the wall for memories… how romantic, right???

Look but don't touch...

Go to your favorite store and go window shopping! Have a little fun with it! You can even try to make an outfit with some items that catch your eye! Just spending time together and enjoying each other's company is the main goal!

Glow and Grow Together

This is not always talked about, but it can be a great way to learn more about your partner as well as see what their goals and aspirations are. Find a spot to write down your goals and share them with each other! It can be as little as what you are working on, your dream house layout or even a budget that you want to start working on! Write it down and work towards it!

Finally, Kick ya feet up...

Relax, you don’t gotta get naked… unless … we’re just kidding! This of course is a no brainer, but sometimes we get so busy and we don't make time to JUST RELAX! Maybe go get a face mask, your favorite drink, make dinner together and watch your favorite movie genre!


That's all for this blog! Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it! Because you know… once you go BLK, dates hit different!

Let us know in the comment which date idea that you would like to try!



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