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Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Carter Reveals Her One Dating Rule When It Comes to Her Famous Dad (Exclusive)

The 25-year-old model and TV personality teamed up with dating app BLK, and she's sharing her biggest non-negotiable when it comes to finding a forever partner.

Reginae Carter is getting candid about her love life. 

The TV personality, 25, tells PEOPLE that the truth is exactly what she's looking for in her next partner. 

“Don't play it too cool and stop lying. Just tell the truth. Men lie so much. Be honest,” Carter says when asked what she wished more men understood about dating. “I know that a lot of people feel like, ‘Oh, the truth hurts.’ Well, a lie hurts even more. So tell the truth and let it set you free.”

Carter, who is the oldest child of rapper Lil Wayne, 41, says that she’s learned a thing or two from her father about being true to herself, too. 

“My dad is super private, so I feel like even when the media gets him or puts him on blast, he pays dust to it. My dad is very nonchalant when when it comes to that, so I've learned to kind of move like him," she says. "My father has told me to keep that tough skin and don't let nobody or nothing play with you or make you feel like you're less than or you've got to change yourself for the world.” 

Carter considers herself a “natural nurturer and lover,” so while she never wants to ignore that part of herself, she’s also aware that settling down at 25 isn’t something she’s ready for. 

“We want to be fairytale married. I get that, but in real life it's not going like that and our dating pool right now in 2024 is definitely not it," Carter says. "Don't settle at all, but date. Date around. If that person is not for you, then let them go. I feel like people are sticking on like they don't have a million, gazillion people in this world.”

With so many people to meet, Carter's best advice for other women looking to explore the modern dating pool is to simply “trust the process.”

“Take your time, and if you're my age or you're young, don't think too deep into stuff. I feel like that's what's going on right now, we're trying to make these 25, 26, 23, whatever year-olds husbands, and it's not going to happen. They've got to live their life," says the entrepreneur, who is also busy running her own athleisure brand, I Fit In.

Ultimately, Carter says her own experiences have taught her to trust her own intuition, and she believes that relationships should never have to be forced in order for them to work. 

“Nothing's perfect, but nothing should be destroying you neither,” she says. “I don't let nothing or no one get to me too much where it's like you're messing up my energy or my way of living and how I feel about things," she says.



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