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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

My name is Amber and on May 10th me and my amazing boyfriend will be celebrating 5 YEARS together! Want to know how we met? You guessed it, BLK!!

I can’t thank this app enough for introducing me to my soulmate. Before BLK I had never had a boyfriend, let alone a first kiss! BLK changed all that for me. When Daonta came into my life, it was immediate princess treatment, and I am still being treated like a queen half a decade later!

We met in person on Howard University’s campus where he gave me my first kiss and then proceeded to make it official! Fast forward to 2023, we now live together in the DMV and share our beloved cat named Sweetie!

Some people treat this like it's just an app. I treat this as the source of our love story, again thank you so much BLK, if it wasn’t for this platform, I would’ve never met the man of my dreams!

We are going on a dinner cruise this year to celebrate half a decade!!


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