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The definition of Black Love as defined by BLK users.

We asked BLK users two simple questions. (1) How do you define Black Love? and (2) Why is it important? Over 700 people replied. Here are some of our favorites.

"Black love to me is like honey. Or the sweetness of a ripe dark cherry. When given enough time to grow and ripen, and when picked properly, it becomes something you tend to crave. Black love is important because it is the purest kind, there's nothing like seeing 2 people who look like me or my family so infatuated and in love, knowing that they have been able to concur and defeat every obstacle that has been thrown there way. Black love is so important because there is no one else in this world who can understand the pain, trials and accomplishments of a black man... Other than a black woman."

"Black love is the ultimate true love experience. It perseveres through the pains of chaos of society to produce the most influential and extraordinary members of it."

- Tamia / Birmingham, AL

"Black love is a pure connection and vibe/bond between two beautiful black people. Black love is amazing when it’s watered and allowed to grown into something powerful. It’s important because we need each other who gonna love you better than someone like you. Black love is important because it gives us black doctors and lawyers and business women,Police, the next president."

"Black love is our legacy. It shows through the dark times of our people and great times. We find love in each other."

"Black love has the most soul, the most color, the most passion. Black is taking each other pain and turning it into something beautiful."

"It’s a cultural, it’s where it all started, black is power , it’s a band that when come together it beautiful, fruitful, it’s what’s make us unique."

- Rayon / Hyde Park, MA

"Black love is when two people love each other unconditionally and support one another’s goals and ambitions in life. It’s important because future generations need to see that the relationship between two black people still is prevalent in society and can serve to better our community."

"Through hardships, pain, and camaraderie, Black Love has always found its way to the next generation. The unique experiences that unify Black Love can only be told and shown by us. Black Love is how I love and embrace my heritage, culture, and awesome kinky hair. It is how I look at another black individual in a room full of non-black people as we share that knowing nod of our heads. Black Love is how I look, as a man, at black women, and see their beauty from the inside and outside. When Black Love occurs, children, families, and communities strengthen and are able to endure so much more than without Black Love. Black Love is a vital part of our lives that enables us to love freely without fear from external sources."

"I define Black Love as a million needles in a haystack - invisible to the naked eye, but if you jump in, you’ll feel every inch of your skin being poked. Black Love is so important for that reason. People might not “see” it everywhere, but the force never goes away. The love we have for our community is too strong to ignore and has kept us together through the eons.🤎 " - Cassidy / Oakland, CA



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