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Black women get real about societal pressures in BLK’s new film, ‘New Year, Real You’

Updated: Jan 29

The leading dating app for Black people champions self-acceptance through the personal journeys of four brave women.

Today, BLK Dating App, the largest dating app for the Black community, has launched ‘New Year, Real You: #RealNotPerfect,’ a campaign designed to uplift, inspire and empower Black women in 2024.

A two-minute brand film follows a discussion between BLK’s relationship and intimacy expert, Marissa Nelson, and four Black women who recount a time they faced prejudice and judgment in various areas of their life, including dating, education, the professional arena and so on, for embracing their genuine selves last year, be it their traditional hairstyles or their manner of speaking.

One woman writer recounts the prejudice she has faced in the workplace despite being more than competent in her role. “In corporate environments, the standard is so limiting. I would come up with amazing ideas for certain clients, but I wouldn’t be trusted to be the person to present those ideas to clients because I wasn’t deemed ‘client-facing’ enough,” she said in the film.

However, instead of diluting their authentic selves, each of the women decides to commit to self-acceptance and foster communities of people with similar experiences in 2024.

Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing at BLK, commented: “As a community that has played a pivotal role in shaping culture throughout history, authenticity is our most powerful asset. At BLK, we encourage all of our members, not just Black women, to amplify their unique brilliance. Our message is clear: be bold and unapologetically Black. Shed the filters, forget the stereotypes and let the world experience the true you.”

Users are encouraged to engage with the campaign within the BLK app by participating in the in-app #RealNotPerfect pledge, which is to be bold and authentic in every aspect of their daily lives. Users who actively participate in the pledge will receive a distinctive #RealNotPerfect badge, symbolizing their unwavering dedication. At the time of writing, the brand reports that over 8,000 people have signed the pledge.

The campaign was developed in partnership with Arxna, a Black-owned creative communications consultancy. The work will be amplified through social and paid digital channels as four shorter segments highlighting the individual journeys of each woman.



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