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BLK draws attention to ‘Black tax’ in latest ad in ‘Break the Bank’ campaign

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

by Audrey Kemp at The Drum

The dating app says the promotion will award 10 lucky Black singles while raising awareness about a critical issue.

BLK’s Black tax giveback’ aims to lessen the financial strain felt by Black singles / Credit: Match Group

BLK, Match Group’s dating app for Black singles, has today launched a new campaign titled ‘Break the bank 2.0: Black tax giveaway’ to address and combat the ’Black tax’.

According to the brand, the ’Black tax’ describes the financial strain placed on Black people experiencing upward mobility to help out their less financially stable relatives. The phenomenon, it says, “often results from systemic racism and economic inequality, which limits opportunities for Black people to build wealth and access resources,” a release reads. “It is a significant issue in the Black community, and its impact is felt across generations.”

As part of the giveaway, BLK says it will promote ’Black joy’ by awarding $250 gift cards to BLK users who have experienced the Black tax between April 26 and May 3. More information can be found at:

The campaign, created with agency Arxna, comes as a result of a recent BLK survey that found 79% of Black singles are not familiar with the Black tax concept, even though nearly half (44%) of successful Gen Z and one in three Black singles over 40 financially support their less fortunate family members. Meanwhile, those without a steady income are still impacted by the Black tax, as 46% of unemployed singles reported financially supporting their family.

“At BLK, we are deeply committed to promoting Black joy through our marketing initiatives and campaigns. We acknowledge the financial burden faced by many Black families, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to support and uplift the community,” BLK’s head of brand and marketing Jonathan Kirkland said in a statement. “This program is not just about providing financial assistance to those impacted by ‘Black tax,’ but also about raising awareness of this critical issue that affects so many.”



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