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Finding love during the Pandemic

Names: Brittany & Sean

Location: California

Matched on BLK: March 2021

COVID-19 may have closed outside, but it couldn't close hearts! Meet former BLK users Brittany and Sean, who connected in March 2021 - one year into the pandemic.

"We never knew what the phrase 'when you know, you just know' meant until we found each other. Now it all makes sense."

Now here we are, a year later, and their love for one another is stronger than ever.

This is Brittany's story...

I met my boyfriend Sean on the BLK app last year in March. He messaged me first and said, “So I think my wife should give me her number so her future husband can talk to her and get this process started.” I replied back “I definitely agree future husband,” and I texted him my number and we had our first date 4 days later at a seafood restaurant!

The food wasn’t good, but the conversation was so good that we went on our second date the following week! 🥰

For our second date, we went to the beach. We walked down the boardwalk, got milkshakes, and sat on the beach playing the game “never have I ever.” That really spiced things up! lol

He was different. Something about him made me drawn to him like no one else ever has. He made me feel safe so early on. He made me feel like I was the only woman in the world.

We spent our birthdays together (which are a week apart) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and looking forward to our 1 year anniversary in May. We talk heavily about our future and marriage and are very excited to start a family one day. We never knew what the phrase “when you know, you just know” meant until we found each other. Now it all makes sense. We are definitely soulmates. ❤️


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