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Not settling when it comes to love

Names: Joya & Kevin

When one door closes, another opens... on BLK. Meet Joya and Kevin, a couple who didn't settle in their past relationships and found their match (each other) on BLK.

"I never thought I could meet my soulmate from an app but don’t doubt the exposure it provides!"

This is Joya's journey to her new love.

Me and my boyfriend at the time were at extreme odds. We barely spoke anymore; even when we were in the same room it felt tense. I felt like the relationship was over but no one had the guts to end it. So, I eventually got really depressed; in turn, my friend suggested having a BLK night! We drank wine and spent the night swiping away and chatting.

I ended up matching with this handsome chocolate man with dreads!!! His name was Kevin and he was my type 100% …as far as looks. The connection wasn’t immediate but we ended up exchanging numbers. We had one phone conversation, however, my boyfriend at the time ended up apologizing, and made up with me. I accidentally called Kevin one day when trying to phone another friend and we ended up having the BEST conversation! It didn’t take long before he became my Best friend (literally my favorite person to be around).

Me and my boyfriend at the time inevitably broke up due to the feelings I developed for Kevin. They were REAL and didn’t need ANY force. I felt like it was so easy to communicate with him, he just cared for me in all the ways that I’ve never been cared for before, and the amount of patience he has is ridiculous! It’s insane because we actually matched the year before on BLK but the conversation didn’t go anywhere.

Now we have been together for a year and I can tell you…THIS IS THE MAN I WANT TO MARRY! He holds my heart like nobody else !! We’ve been on trips, and events, he’s met my family, and now we have 3 cats together and are working towards a lifetime. BLK IS THE APP!!! I never thought I could meet my soulmate from an app but don’t doubt the exposure it provides!


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