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Jay and I matched on BLK in February 2021. I was very skeptical about this dating format and not really expecting much. When I matched with Jay he expressed that he was not looking for anything serious. He was a truck driver and just looking for people to connect with during his long drives. That excited me because I just started my own trucking company and now had a buddy to bounce business ideas off of. From our first conversation, Jay was all in with helping me build my business and offering solutions to any issues I had.

I loved the way he cared for me as a stranger. We bonded over our similarities. Especially our sense of humor. We also both had a daughter from previous relationships. Mine is 14 and his daughter is 7. Three weeks into talking on the phone for hours every day, he asked me on a date. 3 weeks after our first date we said “I love you” for the first time. A couple of months later, we moved in together, and by the end of 2021 we were expecting our first child together, another baby girl.

Jay proposed to me at our baby shower in May of 2022 and we set a wedding date for August 2023 in Jamaica. This past May we were SHOCKED to learn that we are expecting our second baby, due December 2023! We are overwhelmingly excited about the life we are creating together with our 4 children and blessed to be able to share our special day with all of our children present.

PS: We are planning a gender reveal at our wedding reception, so please send us ALL of the boy vibes! Jay says if the next baby is another girl he is going to have to get some ferocious male pit bulls


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