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From the BLK app to the Altar: Brianna and Maurice

Updated: Jun 12

It all started with me being bored at work. I was doing the graveyard shift, and I decided that I’d give dating apps another try. I went to the app store and typed in “Dating apps,” and BLK was the first choice. I’ve never been on there before, so I went ahead and filled out my information, typed up a cute bio, “caribbean gyal” and began swiping. This all happened at 9:30pm, and my shift was over at 11:30pm, so I timed myself. If I didn’t see anyone interesting enough by 11:30pm I was going to delete the app and take it as a sign I should be single.

Mid-way into my swiping, I came across Maurice’s profile and somehow, in the midst of me going through his profile I swiped the wrong way, and his information was gone, I said to myself, if it’s meant to be his stuff, will come back around. To say the least, his picture surely came back around, and I swiped correctly this time. We began talking, exchanged numbers, and started going out on a bunch of dates, traveling together, and sharing a whole lot of wonderful memories.11 months later, we are now happily engaged and planning our destination wedding in Belize. Here’s to happily ever after.


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