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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

From Jacob:

So I was on BLK for about a year from 2020 to 2021. I found out about you guys from my eldest sister and I was enthused about the app because I desired to pursue within my community. After a year of meeting individuals, that didn't grow where I desired it to be, I actually was contemplating deleting the app. However, I told myself to give it a serious chance. In March of 2021, I bought the monthly plan so that I could see who'd like my profile, and a week after I bought the plan my wife liked my profile. I had a set of rules: if we could make it off the app dm's, then we could take it to social media. If we could make it off the socials, then a phone call, after that, it'll be the 1st date. This woman made it to the phone call on the 1st night and that same week was our 1st date. I knew she was my wife the moment we sat down and began talking about our passions & purposes in life. We were both practicing celibacy and shared the same faith, I even told her on the 1st date that I was actually leaving Texas that month to go back to Michigan and she didn't even flinch. We were long-distance then and I would fly back and forth to Texas. On June 21, 2021, I proposed and she said yes! Then we started premarital counseling online, still long distance, and FINALLY, on January 16th, 2022, we jumped the broom and have been gracefully and peacefully married. We are a month over a year and as of today.

From Iris:

"The app was cool, I was actually getting weary of the app after no one really applied PRESSURE. I saw Jacob's picture, which I actually didn't care for considering he wasn't my "type", but I swiped and stalked his Instagram, lol. His Instagram pictures were MUCH cuter than his BLK profile pic. Then we matched and engaged in our 1st phone call the same day and I felt amazing! After our phone call, I stopped responding to other matches from the app. When we went on our first date I excused myself to the bathroom to text my sister Asphen to tell her, "OMG I THINK I MET MY HUSBAND!" The rest is history in the making 1 year and a month married!!

AND... WE'RE PREGNANT! 🙌🏾🤎🤎 God has been good!

Thank you, BLK!


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