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You’re on BLK to meet new people, but the connection starts with a conversation. We want to give you all the tools you need to keep your communication skills in tip-top shape, including some fire emojis.

With the help of GIPHY, we’ve launched a collection of BLKmojis, created by Meaningful Gigs, that make perfect icebreakers or clapbacks. These icons proudly represent our culture, our language, and our vibe. To put you ahead of the game, we’ve created a guide to help you use each one perfectly. Get ready for your inbox to be booming.

Weird: If the very first question they asked was NSFW, let this be your first response. (Unless you’re into it, of course.)

It’s giving: When the green flag suggests the perfect date.

Delulu: When you know the height on their profile is a lie.

Bussin: Add this one to your restaurant recommendations so they know you really stand by it.

Caught in 4K: Did they let their quirky side slip out? Do you know exactly where one of their pics was taken? Use this one.

Unserious: Got yourself a joker? Send this. Feel free to type “This is how you sound” for added effect.

Sus: Perfect for when the story they told about their ex doesn’t add up.

Outta Pocket: Use this right before you block the person who sent you unsolicited nudes.

Lituation: Plan on inviting someone(s) to a party to vet them in person? Entice them with this.

Outta Line: Interchangeable with Outta Pocket

Swagsurf: Let them know the function is going to be Blickety Black.

Purr: When you know that’s right!

No Cap: When you have to defend your two truths because they are just as outlandish as the lie.

Rizz: Their pickup line actually made you smile.

8: They sent you a fit check worth cashing.

It’s been real: Do they live too far? Is their zodiac sign a deal breaker? It’s ok to be incompatible. Send this before you unmatch so they know it’s no hard feelings.

Receipts: They didn’t believe you could actually bench press 210. You had a photo on deck.

Wave Check: Demand to see what’s under that hat!

Flex: Congratulate them for running that marathon, boo.

Spill the tea: It turns out they used to work at your job, and they have stories.

I’m screaming: Because a regular laugh just doesn’t hit the same.

Shook: When they have a dating horror story that tops yours.

Ain’t It: They just suggested a “car” date.

Pressed: When they thought their rant about time-wasters was going to impress you but it didn’t.

Trippin: They just quoted a problematic relationship influencer and you need to make it VERY clear that you disagree.

Mid: When they ask what your experience on other dating apps was like before you found BLK.

Snack: The response to the swimsuit pic.

Deadass: Use this to let them know you’re serious about how you like your grits.

Main Character Energy: The perfect response to “What do you bring to the table?”

Cringe: Send this to the person who keeps messaging you “Hey.”



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