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From Anna:

My now fiancé and I swiped right on each other in October 2020.

What I thought would be just “fun” and “I can’t find love on an app in a pandemic” turned out to be the love of my life. I met Stassi during a time of finding myself after an ugly divorce.

We talked a few times on BLK and then we decided to meet in person. Honestly, the rest was history as we were locked ever since.

I’d like to thank BLK for bringing me to the love of my life during a pandemic. We lived in the same city, and went to the same school, but never would’ve met had it not been for BLK.

We are now planning our wedding for 11/11/2023. We’ve blended our beautiful families and I’m so thankful for deciding to download the app. As a lesbian, it was difficult navigating finding someone to take seriously, let alone MARRY. However, thanks to the BLK app, I was able to.

We both thank you!


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Ricky Stocks
Ricky Stocks
Feb 04, 2023

Hello there beautiful how you doing

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