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Darrius and I talked for about a month before we finally decided to meet in person. We lived 2 hours away from each other and A LOT Of people were against me driving to meet him thinking he could be crazy or a catfish. Still, I didn’t want to continue investing time and energy into him without seeing if we were actually going to get along in person. He had made me feel so comfortable with him during the month we were talking, we FaceTimed every day for hours at a time! We decided to meet up at a hotel, he was waiting for me so the anticipation was so real. As soon as we saw each other in person, we couldn’t stop kissing lol. He had some candles and flowers for me which I thought was so sweet. It was love at first sight for him but I needed a bit more time to make sure this person was who he said he was. After 4 months of dating, Darrius moved from Tennessee to Georgia to be with me, and not long after we got engaged! Our wedding is in October of this year and I honestly cannot thank BLK enough for bringing me, my future husband!


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Eunice Otieng
Eunice Otieng
03 abr 2023

Oh my God I will continue clapping for people till when God time for me to get the right one is ripe so help me God

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