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Michael and Marc: Distance DOES make the heart grow fonder

Updated: Jun 12

I remained single for about three years exact due to a toxic relationship. As I found the love for myself & was ready to date, I decided to download the app blk. It was nice to see that there was a dating app for black singles to meet and connect. As I was setting up my profile, I thought what were the credentials of a partner that I truly wanted. In a partner, I wanted someone that I could be my authentic true self, someone I can travel the world with, someone who is ambitious, works in education & loves drag races as much as I do.

Silly credentials, right, but that’s what I wanted. As I set up my profile, there were some potential candidates. However, when I came across Marc Henry Lewis profile, something in me said, “This could be the one!!” So I swiped right & waited to see if we matched. Two days later, I saw that Marc and I matched. I was excited, and I immediately wrote, “Hey Marc”. A few days passed, and Marc finally responded with a, “Hey Mike”. I was happy and excited to get to know him, even if it was through the app.

We chatted and asked clarifying questions about what we do for work, what we like to do in our spare time & what we are looking for the long term! We connected on many things like our jobs as educators, and we had so many things in common that made it easier for us to talk. I did, however, kind of stop replying back promptly because I started back work for the 2021-22 school year. Marc and I had a real heart-to-heart conversation, and this instantly made me realize how much he was really into me as I was into him.

Fast forward, our first date was on my 28th birthday weekend & he traveled from Springfield, MA, all the way to NYC. Yes, a long-distance relationship, but hey, here we are, a year and a month together happily. But the date was going super well, and we just clicked! I still remember our first kiss and us planning our first trip to DC! Talk about real connection from the start.

Labor Day weekend of 2021 was when we made it official on September 5th. We had such a good time in DC and it made sense that we belonged together. I felt that I found my equal, my best friend & my future husband in one. Now, a year and a month later, we are still madly in love, and I cannot thank BLK for connecting us! Without you guys, I wouldn’t have met my future husband! Thank you all so much ❤️


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