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We met on BLK app in October 2021. The funny thing is that I was living in Ontario, Canada and he was in the US in Michigan. Regardless of the distance, we both decided to still where it could go.

We got each other’s social media in November 2021 and had small conversations on Instagram but never spoke on the phone until December 2021, when it was his and my birth month. We exchanged Darius’ birthday, December 21, and since then we’ve been locked in.

In February 2022, the COVID restrictions were lifted and Darius came to visit me in Canada. It was almost a 4-hour drive that he would make every weekend since then. We now take turns and it feels like a mini vacation travelling between America to Canada each time.

We’d already built a connection through our daily FaceTime calls and text messages since December so meeting in person was just the icing on the cake.

We have been together happily since and are still going strong. We have yet to see what will come in the future. But for now, we are just enjoying each other’s presence and giving God thanks for letting us meet on BLK.


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