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Saucy Santana And Trina's New Voting Anthem Will Make You Do Your Civic Duty

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

If You 'Wanna Hit This Booty'

BLK Dating App had Saucy Santana and hip hop legend, Trina, drop a song that will have users dancing to the polls.

Politics just got a lot sexier. In preparation for the upcoming primary elections, BLK Dating App has put rappers Saucy Santana and Trina in charge of getting people hot about voting.

As the country prepares for National Voter Education Week, the duo came together to release “No Voting No Vucking,” their catchy new collab aimed to inspire the masses to get registered for the midterms.

While Dating apps primarily focus on matching their users with a special someone, BLK is focused on connecting a culture of Black youth to politics.

“Young people are the next generation of voters and represent a major voting block in this country,” the company said in a press release.

“While Gen-Z turnout increased in 2020, BLK and When We All Vote want to ensure youth continue this momentum by bringing even more young people into the voting process. ‘No Voting No Vucking’ aims to motivate young Black citizens to vote by calling out that exercising your basic civic duty of voting is the biggest turn-on of all.”

“I’m honored to use my platform to empower young people because not voting is definitely a red flag in a relationship. Period. ” said rap star Saucy Santana in the press statement. “Now, more than ever, we have to use our voices to stand up for what we believe in. Voting is sexy. Being informed is sexy.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce this collaboration with two of the most trailblazing figures in hip-hop and culture,” Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing at BLK, said in a statement. “Our users are inspired by Trina’s confidence and powerful female-first lyrics, while Saucy Santana’s fervent and self-assured lyrics have broken barriers of inclusivity in the hip-hop community. With these two cultural icons, we hope to empower a new generation of young voters to get involved in this and future elections.”

The track opens with Santana proclaiming, “No Voting, No Vucking,” as Trina hops on with clever political puns with lines like, “Politics can be so nasty” and “Don’t stop now, stuff my ballot box again, brought my homegirl through, we’ll put the bi in partisan.”

The campaign will also incorporate in-app and other digital features to encourage young Black singles to get involved in the political scene.

As reported by News One, the app has created a digital hub called the Election Center, where users can check their registration status, register to vote, and learn more about political initiatives in their communities. This initiative was announced in collaboration with former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Members will also have the opportunity to share a profile sticker that will allow users to match with others that share the same concerns over policy issues.

Voting isn’t the only cause that BLK has put its efforts behind.

To commemorate Black Business Month, BLK announced their “Break the Bank,” an initiative to help Black communities deal with the rising costs of inflation. In conjunction with The Gathering Spot, BLK helped sponsor a contest in which 40 users received gift cards worth $250 to fund dates at Black-owned businesses, totaling $10,000. The app will also had push alerts dedicated to financial literacy topics, including how to grow a small business and manage your income with the added inflation.



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