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These Couples Found Love in the Pandemic Through Online Dating

Written by Ashley Cobb at Black Love.

BLK App (pronounced B-L-K), founded in 2017 by, has quickly become the largest online dating app for black singles. The BLK App has over 4 million downloads which consist of 55% of its user base being male and the other 45% female. Since the pandemic, BLK like most dating apps received an influx of new singles looking for love. First-time paid subscribers have more than doubled, 400 Million right swipes were made and a total of 14.5 Million matches were matched. Even though the pandemic put everyday life experiences and interactions on pause, hopeful singles were challenged to find love in unprecedented ways. Thanks to BLK, these four COVID Couples, found love during the lockdown.

Jamall moved from Chicago, Illinois to Scottsdale, Arizona in March 2020. He & I matched on the BLK app in June 2020 & met in person in July 2020. Our first date was 4 hours long because our chemistry was just too strong. Fast forward now, we are in a relationship & he plans to propose sometime next year. Of course, he won’t tell me when but who would have ever thought we would find love during the pandemic & from an app? God knew! We are so thankful for the BLK App! Thankfully we swiped right because we wouldn’t be as happy as we are today!

My wife and I met on BLK a little over a year ago and we instantly hit the ground running. We were spending every day together and never got tired of one another. It was like we knew each other for years! Once we matched on the app, we had a couple of conversations and decided to exchange numbers. We were both a little nervous about looking for a serious relationship on a dating app but we continued to get comfortable with each other. After a couple of dates, I asked her if she wanted to be together and she immediately said yes. We have very similar likes and dislikes, beliefs, morals, and values which was a big thing for both of us. We felt like we were meant for each other, as cliche as it sounds. We decided that we wanted to start a family, so we did. We recently got married this past April and are now awaiting the birth of our son, who is due June 3rd. Meeting each other was the only good thing to come from being quarantined.

My boyfriend James & I met on BLK in December 2020. He “super” liked me! (The best part of the story I like to tell lol). Once we matched I messaged him, giving him my best pick up line: You have a really nice smile” and he replied complimenting my smile. We messaged for quite a while that evening. We exchanged numbers then he surprised me with a phone call. We met in person a week later and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since! I prayed every day to meet someone like him! I’ve had horrible experiences on dating apps but I guess my luck changed because I met my soulmate & best friend on the BLK app!

I met my boyfriend Sean on the BLK app last March. He messaged me first and said “So I think my wife should give me her number so her future husband can talk to her and get this process started” I replied back “I definitely agree with my future husband” and I texted him my number and we had our first date four days later at a seafood restaurant! The food wasn’t good but the conversation was so good that we went on a date to the beach the next week later. We walked down the boardwalk, got milkshakes, and sat on the beach playing the game “never have I ever” that really spiced things up lol. Something about him drew me to him like no one else ever has. He made me feel safe so early on. He made me feel like I was the only woman in the world. We spent our birthday days (which are a week apart) together in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We are currently looking forward to our 1 year anniversary in May. We talk heavily about our future and marriage and are very excited to start a family one day. We never knew what the phrase “when you know, you just know” meant until we found each other. Now it all makes sense. We are definitely soulmates.



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