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Watch BLK’s Chilling Animated Series ‘Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition’

BLK announces a chilling, new animated content series just in time for Halloween. Check out BLK’s “Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition” inside.

The number one dating and lifestyle app for the Black community shared its new content season just in time for Spooky season. BLK shares that fans should expect to be both horrified and entertained with a trio of animated videos that chronicle the dating nightmares of three unsuspecting Black singles. “Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition” covers everything from wild police encounters to mistake identity and chilling discoveries. BLK promises these stories will have fans on the edge of their seats this Halloween.

BLK reached out to its vibrant community of Black singles, inviting users to share their own crazy dating horror stories via an in-app questionnaire. The responses were overwhelming, with tons terrifying and memorable stories pouring in. BLK handpicked the top three most spine-chilling stories that truly capture the essence of horrors the dating and brought them to life in the three-episode content series.

“BLK is about sharing real stories. Both, the good and the bad. That’s what makes us and our users authentic,” BLK’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Jonathan Kirkland, shared. “When it comes to dating, we’ve all been tricked. Now let’s find some treats… (on BLK)! lol”

Check out the episode descriptions below:

“Stolen Hearts & Wheels”

In the first video of the content series, you’ll follow the jaw-dropping tale of a guy who went on a date with a girl that spiraled into chaos when she stole a car and led him on a wild police chase. Will love conquer all when handcuffs are involved?

“A Mistaken Match”

The second installment of the series dives into the cringe-worthy mix-up that occurred when a girl interacted with five different guys on another darting app. Watch as she tries to navigate her way through a jumble of names and numbers, leading to a hilariously awkward date.

“A Date with Disaster”

In the terrifying finale, a girl discovers that her mysterious date doesn’t quite match profile picture. As they head to the date, she notices some unusual items in his car, including duct tape, ropes, tarp and a shovel, prompting her to stage a daring escape. A week later, the man makes headlines as a wanted murder suspect.

Be sure to watch BLK’s “Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition” animated content series exclusively on their Instagram and YouTube channels.


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Bob Rodrigues
Bob Rodrigues
Oct 19, 2023

That was funny videos I experienced the one with different identity but still wasn't bad looking 😂 I enjoyed this app

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