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I’ve always had a problem with relationships. 1) Because I tend to love hard for that person; 2) I always put in more than I receive, outta the kindness of my heart; and 3) I never give up on a person. But I felt that I always got the opposite.

I stumbled across a BLK ad on my Instagram feed one day. I was looking through the comments, and seeing what others were saying about the app. I saw nothing but good reviews, so I went on the internet for more information, and once again I saw some good and some bad this time. I sat back and said to myself, "I deserve love, I deserve to be happy, I deserve to grow old with someone that has my back as I have theirs."

So I spoke to the universe about it along with making sure I stay out of harm's way by using these types of dating apps. Because we live in a wild world and anything can happen. Nonetheless, I continued to sign up for BLK.

Right when I was about to give up on the app and dating, I matched with my, now, wife. We connected instantly after getting to know each other and hanging out. It honestly was love at first sight, second sight, and beyond. I would recommend this app to anyone that is having any doubts bout their love life. BLK made me find and believe in love again and I THANK YOU!


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