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We love keeping it short and straight to the point. These 5 tips are things that can get a little grey when it comes to thinking you are/aren’t doing these things versus reality. So, let’s get right into the nitty gritty!

Rule #1: Make them feel wanted

There’s nothing better than feeling wanted by your partner. Just because you are with someone that does not mean that they feel wanted. Reassurance is KEY! It takes nothing to send a thoughtful text, notice something different about them or even compliment their insecurities!

Rule #2: Respect your partner

Don’t let us whip out our Aretha Franklin R.E.S.P.E.C.T. vocals! This can alleviate a lot of issues. Respect your partner's goals, if they are working towards something- motivate them. Respect your partner’s space- a good thing to take in consideration is taking a love language test to see how they appreciate being loved. Lastly, RESPECT YOUR PARTNER'S FEELINGS! If they are feeling frustrated or stressed, respect their feelings. Never put how you feel they should have reacted on to your partner, you two are not the same person and they have the right to feel how they feel.

Rule #3: Don’t flirt with others

If you wouldn’t want it done to you, or even if you are having second thoughts about your actions, don’t do it. When you start trying to sugar coat your actions, you are out of line. SIMPLE. Let’s just go to rule number four....

Rule #4: Make Time

You can be there but not present! (Read that one more time). Be intentional with your quality time!! Everyone's schedule can get busy to where you and your boo are just going through the motions rather than having that intimate time together. You can’t get time back, so do your best to plan dates or even just spend quality time together to build and strengthen your relationship.

Rule #5: Stay faithful

It really sounds like common sense, BUT we also know that common sense is not all that common. If you are having issues being faithful, look beyond yourself and think about the reasons as to why you are looking for something outside the relationship and then just stop, because don’t nobody have time for that. If you are still having issues, know the actual reason because the whole “it's not you, it's me” thing is played out. Save that for another time. If you can’t stay faithful, as hard as it may be, leave the relationship.



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