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BLK's Official Guide to Cuffing Season

Fall is right around the corner which means our favorite season is almost upon us - CUFFING SEASON! BLK, the #1 dating app for Black singles with nearly 6 million downloads to-date, is partnering with Black illustrator Davian Chester to bring cuffing season to life via a series of fun infographic comics to visually tell the story of how to navigate each stage of the infamous szn.

Cuffing season can be a strange time, whether you’re single or in a “situationship” it can seem like everyone is looking for a new bae and often there are unspoken rules associated with cuffing.

BLK is hoping to take the confusion out of it all by providing the official steps to cuffing season and reminding people that you are ultimately in control of your love life so curve those friends and family members trying to get too deep in your business. Check it out here!

Davian Chester, the Georgia-based illustrator behind the official cuffing season guide is also known to some as the Juneteenth Guy. He garnered national attention in 2019 for his Juneteenth Google Doodle—an homage art piece that went viral after the company failed to create its own doodle in honor of Juneteenth.



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