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For Singles Looking To Get Serious, Fall Means It’s Cuffing Season—And the BLK Dating App Is Here To

Updated: Jun 12

If you want to be boo'd up before the first snowfall, it's time to whittle down your dating pool to a few prime candidates.

By Angela Johnson

The official start of fall is just around the corner. That means it’s time to trade in our cool summer cocktails for pumpkin spice, well, everything. But for single people, it also means cuffing season is in full effect. You know, that time of year when you step up your dating game and lock down a partner to Netflix and chill with before the weather gets too cold for you to leave your house for anything other than work and groceries.

But if the idea of looking for a long-term partner sounds like way more work than you’re willing to do, don’t worry. The folks at BLK, the No. 1 dating app created especially for Black singles, are ready to guide you through every step of the process. To that end, they’ve teamed up with popular illustrator Davian Chester on a series of fun, infographic comics to help coach Black singles through each stage of the cuffing process.

So first, the bad news. If you’re just getting started, you’re already too late. According to the guide, if you’re hoping to be boo’d up before the first snowfall, it’s time to say goodbye to Hot Girl Summer. In fact, you should have started the scouting process back in August in hopes of narrowing down potential candidates for dates by October 1.

Illustration: Davian Chester

But the good news is, you can still get things back on track. According to the guide, you should be narrowing down the field to a couple of people you could actually see yourself getting serious with by November. That way, you can hopefully pick your best match and settle down by the holiday season.

If all of that works out, and you manage to ring in the new year without wanting to ring each other’s necks, you might actually be ready to have “the talk” about becoming officially exclusive before Valentine’s Day. And before you know it, you just might be bringing that special someone to meet your favorite auntie who just doesn’t understand why you can’t meet someone nice.

Illustration: Davian Chester

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