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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: 'Baby Boo' by Muni Long ft Saweetie and BLK!

Muni Long has teamed up with California rapper Saweetie for "Baby Boo," a new track that takes inspiration from Ghost Town DJ's song "My Boo,"... and according to some on social media, you might hear a bit of "That's Just My Baby Daddy" up in there too!

Oh, and did you peep our cameo in the video!?!? Haha.

BLK's collab with Muni Long on this video begins a more extended partnership between the dating app and the songstress. Stay tuned because we'll have an exciting announcement that you can get involved with in the coming weeks!

Until then, keep looking for your baby boo on BLK. Yeah, that's right, we're talkin' to you! 🎶


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