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The Best Holiday Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses For Every Zodiac Sign

With holiday shopping in full swing, buying gifts for certain people can be a challenge. Maybe they already have so many things or are just super laid-back people and want to be surprised.

We've teamed up with Astrologer Monisha Holmes to give you a list of the best gift ideas from Black-owned businesses for each zodiac sign.

Let's go!!!


When giving a gift to an Aries it’s important to note their bold and active lifestyle. These sparks of fiery energy stop for no one. Thankfully, there’s no need to overthink or mull over what to buy them. Simple and unique gifts are the way to go. Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries prides themselves on their individuality. They aren't into matching up with others and wouldn’t want to be caught dead in the same outfit as someone else (unless it was their idea). The best gifts for Aries come in the form of objects that can be easily carried around, statement pieces, and items that speak to their personhood.


The key to gifting a Taurus is to appeal to their sensibilities. Taurus is an Earth sign that is ruled by the planet Venus, which means they are all about what feels good. You can’t go wrong with surprising them with soft sweaters or delightful perfumes. Their fixed Venusian energy appreciates the beautiful things in life, even giving them cosmetic products will be sure to set a smile on their face. The main thing to keep in mind with Taurus is to ensure whatever you’re giving them, regardless of the price, actually holds its own in terms of being a quality item. If you’re being sweet, start with skincare, if you’re thinking of the impossible try to surprise them with a Telfer x Uggs bag.


Woah there, Mercury energy is pretty cerebral. Gemini energy spends most of its time thinking and growing its awareness. There’s no turning off their brain switch. They are naturally very curious individuals, even when their lips are sealed shut. All the energy they put into thinking can be exhausting. Especially when they’re worried about a lover, an issue with a friend, the parking ticket they’ve neglected to pay, or some social issue that’s lingering in their membrane. One of the best gifts you can provide them with comes in the form of fun and games. Board games, puzzles, and of course books are great gifts to keep their minds busy.


Sweet Cancer, they are the nurturing and comforting energy of the zodiac. Being ruled by the moon, they tend to operate themselves according to the needs of others. Even when they have wants and cravings of their own, their natural inclination is to sacrifice their time for their loved ones. The best gifts to give a Cancer center around self-care and comfort. You can’t go wrong with a homemade blanket or a surprise dinner. The most valuable thing to Cancer placements is the feeling of being safe and at ease, once they have that then it’s much easier for them to feel happy.


The true stars are the zodiac, literally. The zodiac sign Leo is ruled by the center of the universe, the Sun. This is probably why so many Leos feel like the world revolves around them. I’m kidding, sort of… Leos are out of this world, they go above and beyond to stand out amongst the rest. When getting a gift for a Leo placement, it’s best not to approach it like a competition. Understand that Leos may always surpass your expectations during gift exchanges. Focus on giving them an item that says “hello world, it’s me.” Unique apparel, statement home decor, and anything gold are perfect ways to show a Leo that you appreciate their regal-ness.


Analytical and knowledgeable Virgos are pretty easy to shop for, they enjoy pragmatic items. Virgo is a Mercury-ruled Earth sign and as that suggests, they often run around tending to their obligations, (chosen) family, and in the case of September-Virgos— their private matters. More often than not, Virgos are either doing things to unwind or are rushing to ensure all the final details for their projects are taken care of. The best way to appeal to a Virgo’s interests is by providing them with gifts that remind them to ground themselves or help them maintain a sense of order. You might have to check in on them to make sure they’re actually making use of your care package.


Libras are the resident “it” sign of the zodiac. They routinely typecast as the airy bombshells and the prettiest person within their crew. The stereotype isn’t that far off. Libras do pride themselves on looking like a snack, so much so that plenty of their money goes to adorning themselves with up-to-date trends and the most enticing fragrances. If you’re shopping for someone who was born during Libra season, you can’t go wrong with surprising them with lotions, soaps, and ethically sourced facial items. They are big on being pampered, so make it easier for them to do so.


Hate to break it to you, shopping for Scorpio is no easy feat. Seriously, the modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto and Pluto has the nickname for being the ‘rich dad.” This isn’t to say that all Scorpios have rich dads, it’s just they have no problems becoming their own wealthy parental figure. Many Scorpios are no strangers to being wine, dined, and spoiled. Which unfortunately means there are very few things that you can buy that’ll bring a sparkle into their eyes. Similar to Taurus, quality gifts are key. Scorpios appreciate decadent treats like truffles, exotic scents, and rare fabrics. Basically, try to avoid last-minute gifts with this zodiac sign.


Shopping for Sagittarius is so easy, all you need to do is think about what a frequent flyer would need. These mutable fire signs are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which makes them particularly lucky and very positive! Because they are always on the go it’s best to gift them with something that’s TSA friendly and won’t be confiscated during a randomly selected search. This means no surprise-gummies from California! Try surprising them with a Groupon for an all-inclusive trip somewhere new or if you’re not trying to break the back just get them a vegan-friendly bag. Chances are, they’ll carry it pretty much everywhere.


Similar to Scorpio, Capricorns are pretty judgmental when it comes to the prestige of their gifts. While Scorpio will smile and say that they love an itchy sweater, Capricorn will give you a blank expression and give you a simple “thank you.” That’s it, you’ll probably be able to tell if they like your gift or not. Especially if you witness them receiving gifts they were actually looking forward to. To successfully give a Capricorn your goal is to make sure that your gift is sustainable, practical, and won’t embarrass them. Surprise them with one-of-a-kind bags or ridiculously cool stunna shades. Capricorns are big on style and you’ll know you gifted them well if they regularly wear what you bought them.


Thankfully, your Aquarius crush will appreciate your gift on the sole basis that you decided to buy from a black-owned business. Aquarius is all about community and tends to orient themselves around supporting the underdogs. Because Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn, you can’t go wrong with gifting them something that will last them a long time. Apparel that has a powerful statement or statues from the “motherland” will surely be appreciated by your air-bending friend. When in doubt, select the gift that’s absolutely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before; Aquarius is known for being unique.


Last but not least, ethereal Pisces. In many ways, Pisces energy feels a little too pure for their world. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their raunchy and wild side. At their core, they are natural artists and quite spiritual. More often than not, Pisces is politely tolerating unspoken stresses and often becomes distant because they are big on personal space. Sometimes the best gift you can give a Pisces is the freedom to not be bothered, not that you really have much of a say in the matter. When Pisces doesn’t want to be bothered, they just won’t be bothered. Give them gifts that’ll complement their sanctuary: candles, paint sets, and essential oils are great last-minute items.



All products featured are independently selected by our editors and partners. All photos are courtesy of the individual brands via their public website images.



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