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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

From LeShawn:

I want to give a huge thank you to the BLK dating app. You all helped me to find Jared. August is always a rough month for me because I lost my mom when I was 15 years old in that month. In 2021 I became single and was dreading being alone in that month because I am emotionally unbalanced sometimes. I have done a lot of soul-searching and getting to know myself and what I want from a man. The month of August is being mentioned because I was introduced to Jared on August 15, 2022, on the BLK dating app and since then we have been inseparable.

So this year August 2023 I am very hopeful about celebrating our one-year anniversary of being in each other's lives for now and hopefully for eternity. I chose the BLK website to help me find not only someone who is attractive but someone who would be able to communicate with me on a deeper level without seeing them in person physically. I didn't want to meet someone in the physical aspect and possibly miss the red flags because they are attractive. I also wanted to get to know someone who would listen to me and understand the things that I will and will not change about myself or what I want in life and also find if that person was willing to accept my flaws and be transparent fully!

If you're honest and dating with a purpose, then the BLK app would be one of my first recommendations. I have already recommended the app to a few people. We have already taken our first trip together to Puerto Rico in Dec of 2022 and we are on a new journey this year!

Thanks, BLK, for being a part of our growth!


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12 comentarios

A bunch of scammers on these apps. I don’t know what the makers of these dating apps are going to do to make it safe for people. Especially women. I’m just so tired of these stupid apps which make you pay for access only to find people who’s trying to scam you.

Me gusta

Apps not worth it to me….message to female go unanswered….i keep getting ban on blk … yourself and go meet some in public

Me gusta

I love hearing the amazing triumph stories about love. I tried this for a month and got tired and deleted it. I ended up meeting a guy, that turned out I liked being arpuns. He invited me over, he cooked. I went over several times. Whole time he lives with a lady who was probably at work, working hard! He still on the app! I thought about how dangerous that could have been if me and her had ran into each other. I’m not getting away from love cause I truly enjoy seeing people happy, but that definitely made me put the brakes on this app and some men who are on these apps. I must say women probably doing…

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Doreaa Holdings
Doreaa Holdings
14 mar 2023

I'm 58 simple I'm looking for someone to share my extra time with that can lead to something better and bigger and meaningful and everlasting. I like peace. I don't want any drama and no pets my children are grown and gone I can take care of myself.

I'm not looking for someone to take care of me I'm just looking for someone to share my life with and they share their life with me.

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Lisa Knowles
Lisa Knowles
13 mar 2023

Im happy for them the guy I met was looking for cash the oil rig scam

Me gusta
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