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June 23, 2021, while browsing on BLK I noticed this handsome guy named Lorenzo, and being who I am… I slid in his DM and shot my shot! Nothing crazy just “Good Morning, how’s your day?” He replied, “Busy, how are you?” I responded “Just resting before possibly having to return to work” his response was “Oh ok well shoot me your number”. I am a very blunt person so I said “Well Dang just get straight to the point why don’t you” BUT I still sent him my number LOL. 

I said to him “Well don’t I get the same courtesy? What happens if you accidentally delete the app and you no longer have access to my number”? He laughed but sent me his number. After we exchanged numbers we began texting and talking back and forth immediately. The next day during a conversation I said to him “So when will I get to see you his reply to me was “Well let me check my calendar so I can pencil you in” and he set our first date for July 3rd. 

I made jokes about him having to “check his calendar” because no one had ever said that to me before and quite honestly I didn’t like or appreciate that response very much. Still, I played it cool and continued with the conversation. We continued texting and talking for the remainder of the day and later that evening he said “ You know what I don’t want to wait to see you. Are you free tomorrow” and LIKE THAT the 1st date that he set for July 3rd had turned into June 25, 2021, and from that day forth the two of us became inseparable. 

The morning of Feb 2, 2023, I woke up to the most beautiful ring already placed on my finger, and on May 24, 2024, we will say “I Do”!

Get on BLK Today


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