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Elliot and I met on BLK in February of 2023. I am not sure if my range was extensive or if I happened to match with him while I was traveling in Seattle, but we live almost four hours away from one another in the Pacific Northwest. We messaged, spoke on the phone and Facetime, and got to know each other for a month before we made a plan to meet in person.

I liked Elliot so much before we met, and I knew that whatever happened when we met in person, at the very least we would be best friends, because of our compatibility that we discovered over the month prior. Elliot flew from Washington to Oregon to meet me, and we spent a few days together.

Our first date was at a basketball game! He also came with me to a conference where I was speaking that week as well. I then went to visit him in Washington, and we did Easter together. I eventually met his amazing daughter in April, who was 5 years old at the time! I am a professor and my summers are flexible, so we decided I would spend the summer in Washington with him and his daughter. We had so much fun, from the day-to-day grocery shopping to karaoke car rides, to trips to visit my family and his across the country. He even took his daughter and me on a cruise to the Bahamas at the end of the summer! We are thrilled to have also gotten pregnant this summer, and the baby is due on Elliot's birthday.

I turned 30 in November and Elliot curated the most out-of-this-world surprise birthday event I could have ever imagined, inviting my family and friends from all over the country. I am always amazed at his generosity, boundless love, and loyalty. On Christmas Eve, he surprised me with an engagement ring, that he got from my mom's marriage to my dad, had it re-set in the most stunning band, with unique features that take my breath away even now. We are so blessed and gearing up for life together, in one location, after the baby is born, and we are excited for everything else to come.

Get on BLK Today


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