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In May of 2022, I was new to the Ohio area, I was one year out of a toxic 11-year relationship when I decided to download BLK and wanted to see if I could find a match. After having small conversations with other men and going on three horrible dates, I matched with DeAndre.

DeAndre gave me a very simple, but attractive, ”Hey beautiful, how was your day?”. Believe it or not, it was love at first sight! It wasn’t the physical looks but a pure soul connection! After one day of chatting, we exchanged numbers. Which usually I don’t do, but DeAndre was different. At the time I didn’t understand how different he was, until today.

Fast forward to today - we have been dating just over one year and we’ve moved in together. We share five children as a blended family and are currently trying for one of our own!

We have so many things in common. On top of all that we share life path number 11 bringing our union to a match made in paradise.

Thank you so much, BLK!


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