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My wife and I met on BLK a little over a year ago and we instantly hit the ground running. We were spending every day together and never got tired of one another. It was like we knew each other for years! Once we matched on the app, we had a couple of conversations and decided to exchange numbers. We were both a little nervous about looking for a serious relationship on a dating app but we continued to get comfortable with each other. After a couple of dates, I asked her if she wanted to be together and she immediately said yes. We have very similar likes and dislikes, beliefs, morals, and values which was a big thing for both of us. We felt like we were meant for each other, as cliche as it sounds. We decided that we wanted to start a family, so we did. We recently got married this past April and are now awaiting the birth of our son, who is due June 3rd. Meeting each other was the only good thing to come from being quarantined.


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