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We asked our BLK female users how they felt dating today. Here is what they said.

In a recent survey to our female users, we asked them two simple questions: (1) Do you feel safe dating on mainstream dating apps, and (2) As a Black woman, do you feel safe in America (period)? Over 1500 women replied. Here is what they said.

29% of BLK female users do not feel safe dating on mainstream dating apps.

"I don’t feel safe dating online in general. You never really know who you’re talking to until you have some sort of physical contact.”

- Jasmyn / Sanger, TX

"More black women go missing each year from the use of dating apps."

- Kyndra / Eugene, Oregon

"Too much disrespect even from our own black males. It's scary thinking of initiating because we are so hardworking and people always misjudge our strength."

- Shiraya / Pensacola, FL

64% of respondents don’t feel safe as a Black woman in America (PERIOD).

"Black women are more likely to be victims of certain crimes overall. Being a Black woman means I’m at risk of both overt and subtle racial discrimination, micro-aggressions, wage discrimination, and more—so feeling safe is relative to all that."

- Andrea / Texarkana, TX

"Black women are the least protected, respected, and valued! Especially here in America. It's impossible to feel safe."

- Shanice / Phoenix, AZ

67% of respondents feel safer dating on BLK.

We ended the survey asking our female users how they felt dating on BLK and this is what they said:

"BLK doesn’t have the stigma of just a FWB or one-night stand app. I actually go into BLK with the intention of connecting with someone. Especially someone who looks like me, which I love."

- Taylor / Aurora, CO

"It’s just nice to be on a Black exclusive app and I like knowing that my profile isn’t being shown to a bunch of potentially creepy or racist guys."

- Dominique / Chester, Virginia

Let us know in the comments how YOU feel in the comments. Do you feel safe as a Black woman dating on mainstream dating apps?

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