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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Rian ended up on the BLK app after a family member told him to get on there so he could meet some women. Rian was more interested in meeting “the one” and wasn’t motivated by online dating due to previously being matched with a cousin on (lol!). Noelle had just gotten out of a relationship the year before, and she wasn’t going to allow the pandemic to stop her from meeting great quality men. Online dating wasn’t her first choice, but the pandemic made online dating a safer option while being on lockdown.

Rian messaged Noelle first with the line “I hope you had a fit day” after seeing one of her hiking photos that showed she enjoyed outdoor activities. Noelle responded days later (intentionally), “I had a fit week!”

Rian’s first impression of Noelle was that she was stunning, charismatic, and funny. Noelle’s first impression of Rian was that he was corny (in a good way), adventurous, and kind.

Their first date was at Ruth Chris Steakhouse on Valentine’s day. They had already built up steady conversations and FaceTime calls for about a month, so this was their first time meeting in person. Rian had driven to the restaurant in his pest control truck, as Noelle wanted to meet there rather than be picked up from her house just to be safe. When Rian went to walk Noelle to the car he realized she had parked right behind him. Not wanting her to see his old work truck, the two continued to talk at her car but it had gotten a little chilly. Noelle asked, “where did you park?” Nervously, Rian pointed to his truck and said, “I came in my work truck.” That didn’t bother Noelle at all. The two ended up sitting in his work truck and talking for about another hour and a half, listening to songs Noelle had written.


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